The Fresh Prince

So England has it’s next Monarch – the one after the one after the one after this one that is. Like the rest of the country I kept up to date with the lack of updates yesterday (yes, she’s still in labour… still in hospital) and then watched BBC news’ lack of updates after the birth announcement (yep, it’s a boy… there’s the easel…. here’s the front of the hospital). But what’s it going to be called??

Baby Name Cloud

I hope they pick Kong

Ah but I do love a bit of Royal Family pomp, and how the Brits fully embrace any and every reason to celebrate the successes of the Royal Family. We arrived in the UK two weeks before the Royal Wedding, and I was 100% converted to a Middleton fan. Heck, I even have a mug.

Watching it at Hyde Park

As an Aussie, living in England during the last few years has been pretty exciting with everything that’s happened: The Royal Wedding, Olympics, Jubilee, and now the Royal Birth. It’s all one massive kaleidoscope of pride, patriotism, and good will here, and it’s ace to see it.


The English love their country and their identity. It’s similar everywhere – Australia has Anzac and Australia Days, and patriotism in the U.S. needs no introduction – but when an English person writes “God save the Queen” on their Facebook status, or when shelves are stocked with “Best of British” produce, somehow it’s not met with the same cynicism as it would elsewhere. The Royal family provide an identity for all this patriotism. And sometimes it’s fun to jump on the bandwagon.


I can’t imagine anyone writing “God Save KRudd. Julia Gillard. KRudd” on Facebook. Perhaps because it’s too hard to keep up to date with it all.

Anyway, welcome to the world Baby Cambridge. Now hurry up and bring out your merchandise range so I can add to my mug collection and get the special edition of Hello magazine.

Yesterday I spent a while foam roller-ing my left leg and stretching in the hope I can nip this IT band thing in the bud. If pain is anything to go by then I’m on track for a full recovery. 😉 Today I’ll do more of the same, and tomorrow I *may* attempt a run with my running club. Exciting running reading, hey?! Thank goodness for the Royal Birth to distract us all….

Ellie B

** My friend is undertaking a 4 day super challenge in support of the Children’s Heart Unit in Freeman’s Hospital, Newcastle. He is on day 3: a 35 mile run, after completing 2 days of cycling totalling at 140 miles, plus a one mile swim, in the Lake District yesterday and the day before. If you are interested, you can learn more about it here! **