12 Things I’ve learned during Marathon Training (and other things)

Today’s run was a bit of a slog. 7 miles in 60 minutes, after a big Thai lunch. There’s a lesson there somewhere.


Speaking of lessons, I hear that marathon training is quote the personal journey. One of the reasons I’ve not done one til now is the commitment you need to make during training, and the impact it has on your life. As I approach half way through the training, and build to the dizzy heights in the next four weeks, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned already, and how I’ve changed. I’ve got a list of 12, and we’re not even half way through training! Cheapest life coach ever.


So here they are:

  • I prefer running in the dark and cold
  • My calf muscles are pretty big, and will soon be the same width as my thighs
Ok, this isn't me. But I think it might be by race day.

Ok, this isn’t me. But I think it might be by race day.


  • I have broken two personal records during training: for my 10k PB, and for the longest distance
  • Pushing yourself to break personal records feels amazing, and makes all the times you didn’t want to go running worth it
  • I am lucky in my work situation so I can stretch/strengthen/run during my lunch breaks.
  • There’s not really any time for pole or for anything unrelated to running. This is what I’m afraid of turning into by week 16:

marathon talk

  • I like hill running more than intervals on the flat
  • I hate the track
  • Generally I do one gentle run, one tempo run, one speed/hill session and one long run per week
  • My weight and figure hasn’t changed much at all since I started training
  • I am eating a heck of a lot more bread, peanut butter and nutella
  • Doing your long run on a Saturday means you can still go out on Saturday night 😉


How to celebrate a 14 mile run

How to celebrate a 14 mile run

What a wonderful collection of personal wisdom right there.


And, because it’s Friday, here are some things that I’ve enjoyed over the week:

If you ever want some insight into the Brits as a people, here you go!

22 Venn diagrams only British people will understand


This woman went to the gym every day for 100 days and made a time lapse video showing each day:

Amazing Gym Woman 


So I am a huge Facebook addict. And today I saw this and it made me want to call everyone I know and talk to them:

What Facebook is doing to your brain


And to finish up: what does everyone think about the #nomakeupselfie? Has it made its way to Australia, or is it just a UK thing? I think that at first, it was a bit weird to create awareness  for Cancer without trying to raise money. But now that everyone has decided to contribute just a little, everyone has raised an amazing amount of money together.


Plus, it was a grass roots movement (I think): it wasn’t sponsored by a particular charity at first. And on a purely non-Cancer related topic, I think it’s really amazing to see all these wonderful fresh faces on Facebook without makeup. The Selfie is one of the most self-absorbed things ever (and one that I am 100% guilty of many, many times), and is basically designed for that perfect makeup, perfect hair shot which can then be improved by Instagram. So the No Make Up Selfie, in it’s own way, is a stand against that and a celebration of the natural beauty we have. At least, that’s what I think. So… without further ado… here’s mine!

photo (11)


Have a great weekend everyone!!


Ellie B