Female (Runners) of the World Unite…!


Today when I was chowing down on my dinner, I saw that the UK Runner’s World referenced an article about a UK celeb doing the London marathon in full make up (a claim this celeb has refuted).

Now, I read my fair share of celebrity junk (and I love it), but I cannot believe that Jan Moir has been paid – yes, has received actual cash! – to write this about Katherine Jenkins. It’s as far away from hard hitting journalism is as my spaghetti bolognaise is from Jamie’s Italian, and even more hurtful than when Gru popped that kid’s balloon at the start of Despicable Me (guess what we watched this weekend).


Here are three questions I have from reading this:

1) She did run it didn’t she? I didn’t miss something? She completed the marathon?

2) Does it matter if she did/didn’t wear make up?

3) Is this more important than the £25,000 she raised for charity?

I have a secret: I need to like to wear make up when I’m running. I never even thought about it until I read about it in this girl‘s blog. I don’t always wear it, but it makes me feel awake before an early morning race, and less like a sweaty, gross, sweaty sweatball at the end. It doesn’t mean I’m a less legitimate runner. It might mean I’m a little more vain than I’d like to think….

All I’m sayin is that if someone dished my races for daring to run in mascara, I’d be pretty darn upset. Let’s celebrate the runner, dismiss their achievements. Let’s support other female runners, not hate them cos of our own insecurities and jealousies.

Female Runners. Girl Power for the 2010's.

Female Runners. Girl Power for the 2010’s.

In other news, my workout on the weekend was a 7 mile run at a 5 min/km pace followed by some front splits practice. It was perfect running weather.

Phew! Thanks for sticking with me through that rant.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday and a great start to the week!! Does anyone have any exciting running stories from the weekend? The most exciting thing that happened on my run was that I ran a 4.30km even with a strong headwind! And whilst wearing mascara! 😀

Ellie B

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