Lakeland Trails: Staveley

IMG_1906This weekend the good Dr (husband) and I ran in a trail race at Staveley in the Lake District. There are three options: the 10k, the 17k challenge (read friendly) and the 17k race (read intense). I ran the 17k option last year, but this year we decided to do the 10k together – the Dr isn’t as keen on running as I am!

We had the perfect weather for it, and shortly after 7am we left home for the trek to the Lake District. I love this race series: they have a drum band to cheer you off and cheer you back in again, they have children’s races, and instead of medals they give out pudding! Did you know the Lake District is where the Sticky Toffee Pudding was invented? I do thanks to this race, and thank god for those curious people who created it back in the day!

IMG_1910The 10k was interesting psychologically: we both wanted to keep a good pace, as we knew it would be a quick one. This made it pretty challenging when we were scrambling up  gravel paths and through muddy fields. The Dr’s boss had a party the night before, and there is nothing like trying to avoid the cow pat while the sun beats on your back and a breeze in your face to clear the cobwebs!

The sting in the tail is the climax of the race – it’s the highest point of the particular hill we were climbing, and there is someone there ringing bells and high-fiving you as you climb, a little bewildered, and try to catch your breath ready for the final 3k descent.

Who needs a medal when there's pudding?

Who needs a medal when there’s pudding?

We finished in 56 mins which we were happy with. My Fuji trail shoes got another mud bath to really add to their unique scent, and we felt like champions in our bright orange race shirts and pudding.

What more could you want from a Saturday trail race?

Hope you’re having a good weekend!

What’s the most interesting race souvenir you received? 

Have you run trail before?

Ellie B

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