V Adventure Race – Fremantle, Perth & Banff Film Festival

This was a long weekend here in Perth. We had Monday off for what I am thinking is Western Australia day but to be honest I don’t know. Or really care – it’s a Monday off. :)

Normally I do a long run on a Saturday. But I had an event on Sunday so was a rest day. It felt really weird….didn’t know what to do with myself. Himself was mt biking so when he came home we went to Freo to register for the event and had lunch in The Left Bank Cafe in East Fremantle.

Saturday night we went for drinks in the Mechanics Institute in Northbridge – they serve burgers from Flipside there so Franman and I got a burger each and shared chips. Chips were good – when are they never? – but the chickpea burger I got wasn’t great. We went with some pals to see The Banff Film Festival after. The highlight for me was Crossing the Ice – a story about 2 Aussie boys aiming to be  the first ever people to complete an unsupported trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back! It was so inspiring! Being Australian they had no clue about snow and ice – they had to learn to ski! Definitely look it up if you can. Or go see the whole show when it comes to your town.


Sunday morning I was up early for the V Adventure race in Freo. It was a team adventure race with 5 legs – a km swim, an 18km cyclo cross bike ride, a 4.5km urban trail run, a 6km paddle and a 9km run. I was down for both run legs and was a bit nervous on how to approach them.

Swimming start

Our swimmer was awesome – she won the whole thing, men included.Unfortunately our biker got lost so we lost our lead – he thinks he lost about 10 minutes. I was then up for the first run….it was only 4.5km so was not worried about distance. Just wanted to run as fast as I could for the team….I did it in 19 minutes which was ok. There were loads of steps and obstacles so that slowed me down.

Urban Trail - 4.5km leg

I passed the baton to the paddler who ran off to do his leg. His paddle went really well and next thing I was off on my 9km run. There was a little bit of “off-road” but it was mainly on a normal road. I did the 9km in 39 minutes, an average pace of 4.24 mins per km. I felt like I pushed it so I was happy with that. We came third team in the end so not a bad day! Overall it was a great race but the directions on course could have been better. But would be keen to do it again.

We didn’t do much else for the weekend……Sunday night we went for an All You can eat at Buddha Bar in Subiaco. Lots of food but not amazing! Monday we met with some pals for coffee in the morning and then Franman made a baked ham, Irish Christmas day style, with all the trimmings! I have to say it was awesome! The boy can make a savage dinner. So yeah, my weekend consisted of running and eating…..perfect.

Gilly P 

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