Monday Musings – September 23rd


Afternoon. J I had a pretty hectic week and weekend. Franman and I traveled down to Busselton near Margaret River for a Spring Racing Festival. It was crazy weather….winds up to 60km/h predicted. Thankfully it wasn’t that when we ran but it was pretty bad! But we had a great weekend and I will do a race report later this evening. Until then these links should keep you going.

The always entertaining Huffington Post has 23 things every woman should stop doing – Definitely some I can take on board particularly around Pinterest. We are building a new house and I need to remind myself about expectations vs reality.


Not that I know anything about fashion but this article about Anna Wintour is fun.


Have you heard of this 7 minute workout? Being a long distance runner I am always skeptical of any quick fix workouts.


This one however if done daily has great results. It seems to incorporate all key movements and exercises so they might be onto something. And it makes you feel invigorated and sanctimonious in 7 minutes. Always a win.


Check out the finish between Mo Farah and Kenenisa Bekele at the recent Great North Run. That’s how you finish a half marathon! So cool to see Haile Gebrselassie still giving it socks when he’s now technically in the Masters group.  Inspiring stuff.



We have had awful weather here in Perth the last few weeks so really enjoying stews and soups lately. I think I might have to try this Barefoot Contessa one later. If I can’t have her amazing house I can make her soup.

Winter Minestrone and Garlic Bread 

Have a great day. J



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