Marathon Update – Finally!


Heyyyyyyy everyone! I blinked and another 6 weeks has passed. London is less than 40 days away (thanks to the London Marathon Facebook page and their helpful updates!), and I am feeling… petrified.


Training was going well for the rest of February. My mileage was increasing, and my long runs went from 6 miles to 12 miles with no issues. I was getting to the gym twice a week for some treadmill and strength training (and maybe definitely a little jacuzzi or two).


And then two things happened: the temperatures dropped and Baby B caught a cold. So. It was too cold to taker her out in the buggy, and she was not well enough to go to the creche at the gym. For the last four weeks training is pretty much at a standstill.


Most training takes place either with Baby B in the buggy, or at the gym. The longest I’ve run with the bubba is 12 miles, and I wouldn’t do any more as she gets bored – I had her nursery rhymes on repeat on my iPhone speakers for the last 45 minutes! She isn’t one of those babies who sleeps as soon as she’s moving.


Two Sundays ago I did 13.1 miles in 2 hours 7 mins, and it didn’t hurt at the time but I was certainly stiff the next day! I had forgotten how hard training is! Today I had planned to do a 16 mile run split between the buggy and the gym, but Baby B had other plans and decided to get a stomach bug instead. So instead of running, I’m disinfecting everything like a man woman to try and make sure she doesn’t pass it on.


And that’s where we’re at right now. I’m really worried that I am not getting the longer runs in. Part of me thinks that as long as I grit my teeth and dig in on the day, I’ll be able to do it, but I also know that is wishful thinking too.


How will I get on if I can’t run any further than 13.1 miles in training? And will I regret throwing myself into it so completely instead of chillaxing while I can with Baby B?


Only time will tell…..


Ellie B

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