Marathon Training Week One (Five)

Thanks for indulging me last post. It felt good to get some of those things out of my head and somewhere else. The next day I decided on a training program, and for the last two weeks I’ve been following it.   I’m following a beginner’s marathon training plan from Runner’s World, and I have […]

Postpartum Running: It’s not as easy as I thought.

Hi everyone – Happy New Year! I’m sorry for such a long break – I don’t know where the last 8 weeks went. Though they did include Christmas and a whirlwind trip to Sydney, so maybe it’s not surprising after all.   Before the  unplanned break, I had all kinds of topics in my mind […]

A perfect Christmas present for you runners out there….

Running with or without headphones is a big debate in running circles. It’s right up there alongside the benefits of barefoot running, and what is the best treat after a long run. I’m on the Pro-Headphones side: I  lurve running with them. Listening to music and podcasts helps me establish a rhythm, it distracts from the tougher times, […]

Post Baby Body

When you have a baby, your body isn’t your own. It becomes the property of doctors, your husband/partner, family members, and anyone who has an interest in the baby. This is even more true if you have help making the baby (meaning fertility treatment, not some kind of special night party!), or if you have […]

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